Brad CostanzoBrad Costanzo founded Costanzo Marketing in 2008 to offer his customized marketing and consulting services to a select group of businesses who were looking to get more business, leads and revenue but were stuck or frustrated with the options they had and failed campaigns that only cost them money.

What I like most about working with diverse groups of business is seeing how well proven strategies work and translate across industries.

When you apply the fundamentals of marketing, human nature and a little relational capital leverage, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.

~Brad Costanzo

Businesses choose to work with us because we tie our success to their success, reducing or eliminating risk altogether and we have a proven track record of successfully delivering profits to our client’s bottom lines.

Having started, managed and sold several successful companies focused on growth through direct response marketing, Brad understands how to get a business off the ground, profitable and even sellable in very short periods of time.

Some consultants are known for thinking outside of the box, Brad Costanzo asks: “what is a box?”

You will not find a “list of services” on this site because we don’t offer services, we simply serve (there’s a very big difference)

A brief list of my personal professional history includes…

  • I started profitable yard service company when I was 15.
  • Worked for Disney World after college (and yes, I have many secrets)
  • Sold television advertising spots on a local TV station in Orlando, FL
  • Managed $18 million in assets at a major financial brokerage company
  • Consulted with with Financial Advisors helping them grow their business
  • Started a consulting company serving commercial real estate owners and helping them to defer their income tax liability
  • Achieved Master’s Certificaion in NLP: Neuro Linguistica Programming.  (Am I using it on you now? I’ll never tell)
  • Launched, grew and exited a successful portfolio of infomation products and sold to an investor group from New Zealand
  • Angel funded and co-founded a GPS software startup for consumers with Garmin and Tom Tom GPS
  • Published and strategically marketed 8 books for my expert clients that each became #1 bestsellers and parlayed this success into successful sales funnels.
  • Consulted a health supplement company currently on track to do $20mm in revenue by providing marketing direction and development of strategic alliances.
  • Directed and advised the marketing department for an 8-figure real estate SAAS and coaching company
  • Cofounded an exclusive mastermind called The Boardroom Mastermind for 6-8 figure business owners and executives.
  • Have advised and consluted with numerous businesses from experts, authors and consultants to SAAS and ecommerce business on a full range of marketing strategies.
  • Co-founded and direct the marketing and branding of Stiletto Coffee
  • And I’m on the board of multiple companies advising them on their growth and marketing strategies
  • Have successfully hosted Bacon Wrapped Business since June 2014, where I have interviewed some of the top experts in the field of business and marketing.

We will give you a second opinion on your marketing strategy and recommend a solution.  If you feel that it’s a good recommendation, we’ll offer to help you implement it for a share the improved profits.

It’s that simple.